We are professional instructors and guides, qualified to offer you one of the best experiences in your life. Passionate without a limit by fly-fishing, we live, feel and respect this sport all year through.
HT Patagonia is, first of all, a group of young professionals, pro-active and open to new trends. Adventurers in essence… constantly studying and adding experiences. We provide quality service, Respecting interests and preferences, encouraging our public to discover and discover themselves even more.


Excellent person, great when preparing a mate… our expert streamer! This is the guide you will undoubtedly recommend! He came from Buenos Aires but settled in San Martin de los Andes due to his passion. His feeling towards fly-fishing is so great that he became the great professional he is today… He will make your fishing excursion unforgettable, he always has the right tool to help you with your goals.


He is an every-field player. Better have him on your side. Stubborn and grumpy, he gets annoyed if you miss the nibblings. But with the perfect patience to show you better than anyone, the fly-fishing techniques. A professional with a lot of passion and love for what he does. Excellent person who completely offers himself to make you feel ready before any situation that may arise!


A great person with infinite patience to teach… another guide you will not forget. He makes your excursion easier and productive.
He will surely make you learn new tools. He is a very good professional and person, a real unselfish mate who will give you the best tips for fishing. But you should know that for him to function he must have a coffee nearby!

PABLO “blopa”

What is good is small! Excellent person! Passionate for “fine” fishing with dry flies, histrionic, funny and always glad! A great mate in the river, informal, open minded and always ready to learn and to teach! Competitive.. he ALWAYS wants to win when fishing. Go fishing with him and your good time is ensured!


We are a tourist company, in constant formation and preparing to provide assessment and professionalism in unique experiences and fly-fishing adventures.


Constantly learning and growing, our desire is to get to be leaders in the market and be recognized for offering innovating and quality services to our clients.


Positive emotions are also known as healthy emotions, because they positively affect the well-being of the individual who feels them. They favor the way of thinking, reasoning and acting. Joy, satisfaction and gratitude provoke a positive attitude towards life through experiences that make us feel good.